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Welcome to my site! Hope you can find what you are looking for, if not do not hesitate to ask!


Full NameMark Zhan Wong

BirthdayJanuary 4

Lives inOmaha, NE

My long story short

Born in Stockholm, Sweden thanks to two hardworking Chinese immigrants who wanted a better life for their kids. Moved to Colorado while I was in High School to pursue Basketball. Later on a Track & Field Scholarship brought me to Nebraska for College.

About me

I "speak" to computers for a living, but don't let that fool you - I'm actually fluent in 5 actual languages. I'm grateful to have a fulltime job, and on my free time I help businesses and clients through my freelance work.

My hobbies

I constantly read up on industry/tech-related news to keep up with the trends. I often spend time on trying to grow as an induvidual and a professional. For leisure I enjoy working out, cooking, playing my guitars, and spending time with my Siberian Husky - Bronco.

Future goals

Open up a New Media Firm with my friends. I've always liked to help others, so being able to help others while sustaining a livable income will be ideal.

Other infos

Besides working with computers, I'm actually really interested in fitness and diets. I spend a lot of time staying active and eating healthy. A lot of people have approached me for fitness and nutritional advice.